Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brain. Is. Fried.

After Every Which Way was released, I was on this book high. I didn't know what to do afterwards. I kind of just roamed around my house like it was the first time I was ever seeing it. 
Probably because I was getting frustrated. Fast. 

I was working on Breaking the Wrong, but not at the speed I wanted. When I started Severine's story it really didn't stop until I typed, "The End." The second book is coming along, but it's practically making my emotions bleed out. 
Maybe that's really good or maybe I need help. :) 

But then I started thinking about Unravel... I've been pushing that poor book aside for the last few months. On my desk, Unravel's cover is right next to the Sloan covers and I really started to miss my characters from that series. 
So I started looking through it. And then I started taking things away, and adding parts in and I started to fall back in love with my first little brain child! 

Chances are, I'll probably release Unravel before Breaking the Wrong. I'm pushing for a release date of spring 2013 for Breaking the Wrong. I don't want that to change. 

But that means my brain is so fried. 
I've never written two books at once. For me, it's strange to switch from one set of characters to another. But I really can't get either story out of my head!! 

Soon, I want to give you all a snippet of Unravel. I want to show you Naomi, Ezra, and Alexander. I want to show you why I've had this story tucked tight to my heart for so long. 


Sunday, November 18, 2012


I think everyone has dreams. We all have something we hope we can achieve. I know I'm not the only one who allows those to get swept under the rug.
Life kinda scatters things and makes you distracted.

But this past week I did something I've waited for...YEARS! Today I accomplished MY dream!
I pressed publish.
The past few days have been kind of amazing. Some days I wanna vomit because I know Severine's story is out there for the world to see, but then I remind myself that I followed through with my dream.
Very rarely I can say that. I'm the girl that VOWS she's gonna work out every day for her New Years Resolution but then the next thing you know I'm watching Pride and Prejudice and I'm attacking a plate of cookies with a gusto. (True Story)

I was giddy the minute I sold my first book, it went crazy after that and now I'm in complete shock.

So, if you read my book. Thank you! Danke, danke, danke!! You've made one my biggest dreams come true!!
I've read every comment on Fb page. Every single one makes me tear up with happy tears.