Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Better late than never.

My last post was in May. MAY? How is that even possible?

I took a little hiatus from everything. In June my family and I welcomed the fourth addition to the Read family. She's a beautiful little girl that we absolutely adore! I'm soaking up all the time I can with our little Prinzessin before I blink and she's 5 years old, then 10, and 18... you get the picture. :)

But I thought I post an update on what I'm working on.

Unravel, Unravel, Unravel....I think this book will be the death of me. I really, really do. I've had this story for years. It's more than a simple story to me. I find myself clinging to this story. I write, re-write, then re-write each chapter until it feels just 'right'. I didn't think I was perfectionist, but now I'm beginning to think twice about that.

Naomi is my first character. That first creation of mine who's voice is so strong it scares me. There's times I'm shaking when I'm writing, that my hands can't type fast enough for her words. I can usually relate to my characters. But with Naomi there's nothing we have in common. Yet, I have the strongest bond with her.

I'm hoping to announce the release date very, very soon. But in the mean time, be on the look out for some teasers of Unravel!! You guys are being so patient. I love you for it!

This is a story I'm so excited to sit down an write. I love Lily Partlow. When I first outlined Every Which Way, Lily was truly just Severine's friend. That's it. I didn't see her story or her personality. But she came alive while I wrote the story out and there's so much about her that I can relate to. Rennick Blake (Severine's half-brother) is in this story, along with Severine.

It also has a re-vamped cover.
Check it out! I absolutely LOVE it!

And to what you're probably really reading this for...the SLOAN BROTHERS!!!

Mathias. The oldest Sloan Brother. The one that hides his story behind sarcasm. From day one, I've wanted to know his story and get under his skin and find the truth.

The heart of his story will be in Germany. Of course one book from the Sloan Series HAD to be in Germany. These brothers have to get back to their roots. Especially Mathias. If there is one brother that has to find himself it's Mathias.

Can I tell you WHERE in Germany? Well, there will be many scenes a different towns in Germany, but mainly it will be set in Garmisch. I went there last September and FELL IN LOVE. It's such a beautiful town. Surrounded by mountains. I'm planning a trip to go back there again and I can't wait.

The cover is being worked on right now. Mae I Design is creating something amazing!!

Want a small sneak peek? 
I told you it would be small. ;) 

EVERY CHANGING WAY: This will be Severine and Thayer's story.

I'm discovering that I like Thayer a lot more than I thought. I love complex characters, the "villians" if you will in a story. I understand them. They have pain and flaws and there's a reason why they got to be the way they are. I like to untangle their background and get to know them.

Thayer isn't complex. At least I thought he wasn't. I could definitely get on board with this new Thayer.